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Paige Michalchuk♥

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August 8th, 2005
[ mood | blah ]

[[sorry for the lack of updates.. i seriously thought this RPG was dead, funny since i own it. ]]

Anyway, Life has been really hectic, Madison isent all fun and games. Shes kept me awake every single second of the day and im always running to the store for diapers and bottles. Not to mention shes going to start teething soon, not good news for someone whos breast feeding, ehh?! But besides madison.. I havent seen much of jimmy, or craig.. I really miss him with all my heart, i know hes been working.. but the least he can do is spend time with his daughter and me.. it wouldent be so bad you know. I dont know, Paige needs to get out of the house, Have fun. So, My mom is coming down and shes going to watch the baby so i can go have fun, im 17 i deserve to be able to have fun.

well i have to go, the little homewrecker is crying again. ERG.

exs and ohs,

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July 30th, 2005
Baby Madison was born.

Jimmy is the dad.

Shes 2 months premature and 5 pounds heavy.

come visit me and her in the hospital!
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July 23rd, 2005
i dont wanna go to the hospital. i probley should. amy did a preety good number on me..

i hope its still alive.

i love you craig..

im sorry jimmy
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July 20th, 2005
me and jimmy are on a break.

im a month and a half pregnant.

and i still dont know who the dad is.

theres my update.
have a good life.
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July 17th, 2005
i love jimmy.

and craig.

wow this is fun.
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GAH [Thursday
July 14th, 2005

Hey , its me paige..

I havent updated in a while and decided its about time i did.

i <b> had </b> a doctors apointment today to find out the dad,

the sad thing is neither of the <i>dads</i> showed up,

funny how that works isent it?
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July 12th, 2005
i have a doctors appointment today.


i hate needles.
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July 12th, 2005
excuse me?


callng paige?!

because honestly i dont think this brain that is attached to me is myne. ill just come out and say it, unlike other people who use strikes.. im fucking pregnant. I dont know whos it is. craigs or jimmys. I dont know whose i want it to be either, even tho i LOVE jimmy will all my heart... Even when he gets a little crazy. .. craig seems liek a good dad.

jimmy i love you..

and whatever this thing is inside of me, i dont want to have an abortion. Adam or Madison [ if its jimmys] will be adorable. Mixed babys are so cute.

and if its craigs, it will be adorable too..

craig im sorry, but i have to be with jimmy righ tnow.. for reasons that are only known to me.

im sorry.

god who the hell am i?! i hate this..

this is not paige talking, i repeat, this is not paige talking..

if you find me , please return me. I hate this.
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July 11th, 2005
[ mood | confused ]

Last night was fun.

me and jimmy left the party early, i was angry at him. throwing up again in alexs bathroom. not fun. well not angry, just.. weird. Then we went home, started kissing and.. i told him about craig, i told him everything. he looked like he was gunna hit me again, i was scared. we fought about nonsense. Then i went downstairs to sleep, figuring out i dident have my pajamas so i went up stairs, and we made up. he says he wants to kill craig, i cant let him touch craig. i REALLY like craig, hes perfect. .. i dont know what to do, jimmy is preety strong when he gets violent, belive me. i would know. and i ended up sleeping in my room with him.

then this morning i went to the park with craig. he had to talk to me, just apologizing for ignoring me and stuff. Yeah stuff, like admitting to me how much he likes me.. and belive it or not, i said it back.

i dont know what to do, once again paige is clueless.

God i hate my life.


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July 10th, 2005
today has been the most boringist day of my life, i think.

im packing, im leaving NYC today. well now actually.

craigs mad at me and i have no idea why?! what did i do? nothing!. or could it be what WE did. hmm, no.. that was just good ol' fun..

im clueless, fucking clueless.
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July 8th, 2005
So im in new york city right now with hallie,lyndi,nate,sean,hazel, and amy. Its fun i guess.
it would be better if it was fashion week.

I just had to get out of here, i know that he appoligzed but, what if he does it again.. i dont want him hurting me anymore.

our welcoming party sucked, the one at my house last night.

please god never let me throw a party like that again.

even tho i dident want to throw the damn party.

well i have to go, i wanna see the statue of liberty.

i wish i was her, standing there holding a torch, no worry in my life.</strike xoxo Paige
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July 7th, 2005
Craigs party.. what a blast. Not. It was boring, Till i went upstairs. I mean the whole feel of it was like, boring. I did not go there to watch sean and hallie make out, it was useless. Well not completley Hmm. paige will have to throw a much better party, worth something. Maybe themed or something. Anyways.. Jimmy is moving in today. I asked him too last night.. I mean my moms gay ass boyfriend asked her to move in with him, and me being the susposable bitch said " No im not moving!" So, she left. and moved in with gay Jeff . who treats me like im 5. and i hate him. If i had my choice he would be dead. Yeah, So hmm im starving. I want some food. Not like ill eat it. Someone should take me to dinner tonight or something. Hmm. I feel like knocking down mailboxes with a bat. -insert random laughter here. Not. - Hmm. I went to visit Terri today, Shes living in a different city because of the shootings and all, she might come back but dosent know. We hung out, She lives in Quebec. We saw 'The sisterhood of the traveling pants' in the theater then went shopping downtown, buying alot. Shes looking much better, and cant wiat for her to come back if she does. Her moddeling career really shot up when she went to quebec. More Grrl wanted her back, shes making bunches and even treated me to a nice french cuisene meal. Her house is beautifull to. She also told me shes happy ricks dead, even tho i dont belive that much. It was her first love. Oh well.

Well i got to go, make room in my closet for jimmys stuff.. and straighten up a little.

Love all of you.

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Bonjour Missiours and Madames. [Wednesday
July 6th, 2005
[ mood | content ]


Name: Paige " Paris " Michalchuk
Age: 17
Hair: NATURAL blonde.
Status: Dating, Jimmy Brooks. My love <3
Friends: Hazel, Hallie, Ashley, Emma, Manny, Darcy, Amy, Marco, Spinner And Alex. At times.

Well even tho you know the basics heres some stuff about me. My name is paige michalchuk, I attend DCS, and am very happy there. I have a brother named Dylan , Hes dating one of my bestfriends Marco. Yeah thats right people, Hes gay, Get over it. Uhm, I live with my mom only right now. My father died when i was only 2 years old, so i dident know him that well. My mom now has a new boyfriend, Who i dont seem to like very much , but who cares. named Jeff. Hes .. cool. Uhm, Ive been at degrassi since grade seven, and in grade 9 , it merged into a Highschool/Junior high, and is just called " Degrassi Community School" now. I am the captain of the spirt squad there, I love teams. I cheer for team. Uhm, in grade 10, I was raped by a guy named Dean, I went to court in grade 11 and was dean was found Innocent. Yeah i got pissed, and crashed my boyfriends car, but now i know i did what was right. At the moment i am dating a man by the name of Jimmy Brooks, We've known eachother for what seems forever, Ive always liked him, just never had the chance to go for it. But, Now that I have Im happy. I mostly love everyone at degrassi, Not to say i dont have my enemys -cough heather sinclaire cough-, but as of now my life is great and dandy and couldent get any better if it wanted too. Yeah sureee. Well, I have to go shopping now my jeans are getting to big, i guess this diet is working. Yeah. Diet. Well Gotta go, ttyl huns.

I rock the cow girl blues

I rock too fast for love I’m footloose in my Velcro shoes

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