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Bonjour Missiours and Madames.


Name: Paige " Paris " Michalchuk
Age: 17
Hair: NATURAL blonde.
Status: Dating, Jimmy Brooks. My love <3
Friends: Hazel, Hallie, Ashley, Emma, Manny, Darcy, Amy, Marco, Spinner And Alex. At times.

Well even tho you know the basics heres some stuff about me. My name is paige michalchuk, I attend DCS, and am very happy there. I have a brother named Dylan , Hes dating one of my bestfriends Marco. Yeah thats right people, Hes gay, Get over it. Uhm, I live with my mom only right now. My father died when i was only 2 years old, so i dident know him that well. My mom now has a new boyfriend, Who i dont seem to like very much , but who cares. named Jeff. Hes .. cool. Uhm, Ive been at degrassi since grade seven, and in grade 9 , it merged into a Highschool/Junior high, and is just called " Degrassi Community School" now. I am the captain of the spirt squad there, I love teams. I cheer for team. Uhm, in grade 10, I was raped by a guy named Dean, I went to court in grade 11 and was dean was found Innocent. Yeah i got pissed, and crashed my boyfriends car, but now i know i did what was right. At the moment i am dating a man by the name of Jimmy Brooks, We've known eachother for what seems forever, Ive always liked him, just never had the chance to go for it. But, Now that I have Im happy. I mostly love everyone at degrassi, Not to say i dont have my enemys -cough heather sinclaire cough-, but as of now my life is great and dandy and couldent get any better if it wanted too. Yeah sureee. Well, I have to go shopping now my jeans are getting to big, i guess this diet is working. Yeah. Diet. Well Gotta go, ttyl huns.

I rock the cow girl blues

I rock too fast for love I’m footloose in my Velcro shoes

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