Paige Michalchuk♥ (xmsmichalchuk) wrote,
Paige Michalchuk♥

Craigs party.. what a blast. Not. It was boring, Till i went upstairs. I mean the whole feel of it was like, boring. I did not go there to watch sean and hallie make out, it was useless. Well not completley Hmm. paige will have to throw a much better party, worth something. Maybe themed or something. Anyways.. Jimmy is moving in today. I asked him too last night.. I mean my moms gay ass boyfriend asked her to move in with him, and me being the susposable bitch said " No im not moving!" So, she left. and moved in with gay Jeff . who treats me like im 5. and i hate him. If i had my choice he would be dead. Yeah, So hmm im starving. I want some food. Not like ill eat it. Someone should take me to dinner tonight or something. Hmm. I feel like knocking down mailboxes with a bat. -insert random laughter here. Not. - Hmm. I went to visit Terri today, Shes living in a different city because of the shootings and all, she might come back but dosent know. We hung out, She lives in Quebec. We saw 'The sisterhood of the traveling pants' in the theater then went shopping downtown, buying alot. Shes looking much better, and cant wiat for her to come back if she does. Her moddeling career really shot up when she went to quebec. More Grrl wanted her back, shes making bunches and even treated me to a nice french cuisene meal. Her house is beautifull to. She also told me shes happy ricks dead, even tho i dont belive that much. It was her first love. Oh well.

Well i got to go, make room in my closet for jimmys stuff.. and straighten up a little.

Love all of you.

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