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Last night was fun.

me and jimmy left the party early, i was angry at him. throwing up again in alexs bathroom. not fun. well not angry, just.. weird. Then we went home, started kissing and.. i told him about craig, i told him everything. he looked like he was gunna hit me again, i was scared. we fought about nonsense. Then i went downstairs to sleep, figuring out i dident have my pajamas so i went up stairs, and we made up. he says he wants to kill craig, i cant let him touch craig. i REALLY like craig, hes perfect. .. i dont know what to do, jimmy is preety strong when he gets violent, belive me. i would know. and i ended up sleeping in my room with him.

then this morning i went to the park with craig. he had to talk to me, just apologizing for ignoring me and stuff. Yeah stuff, like admitting to me how much he likes me.. and belive it or not, i said it back.

i dont know what to do, once again paige is clueless.

God i hate my life.

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