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[[sorry for the lack of updates.. i seriously thought this RPG was dead, funny since i own it. ]]

Anyway, Life has been really hectic, Madison isent all fun and games. Shes kept me awake every single second of the day and im always running to the store for diapers and bottles. Not to mention shes going to start teething soon, not good news for someone whos breast feeding, ehh?! But besides madison.. I havent seen much of jimmy, or craig.. I really miss him with all my heart, i know hes been working.. but the least he can do is spend time with his daughter and me.. it wouldent be so bad you know. I dont know, Paige needs to get out of the house, Have fun. So, My mom is coming down and shes going to watch the baby so i can go have fun, im 17 i deserve to be able to have fun.

well i have to go, the little homewrecker is crying again. ERG.

exs and ohs,
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