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Baby ive got it.

Paige Michalchuk♥
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Hey everyone its me Paige, Heres some info on me:
♥ My Best friends are Hazel,Hallie, Amy, Ashley, and Manny But i love mostly everyone at degrassi! ♥
♥ I am curently single...♥
♥ I am on the Cheerleading squad at DCS , and am also the captain, GO PANTHERS! woot! ♥
♥ Uhm , Not much else to say about me, haha im a great person tho. Comment on my journal if you wanna talk to me :)♥
♥♥♥♥ New Aim name : amorexpaige ♥♥♥♥

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Oh you all know you want to give me hugs, YOU KNOW YOU DO. <3 hehe.
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Please note, i am not the real Paige Michalchuk or Lauren Collins. But no im not a imposter, god damnit! rofl. Haha i do this for fun, its a little something you inexperienced people would call ROLEPLAYING. And no im not a 47 year old fat man. :) Im one sexy hautie. Haha , dont we all wish?