Paige Michalchuk♥ (xmsmichalchuk) wrote,
Paige Michalchuk♥

excuse me?


callng paige?!

because honestly i dont think this brain that is attached to me is myne. ill just come out and say it, unlike other people who use strikes.. im fucking pregnant. I dont know whos it is. craigs or jimmys. I dont know whose i want it to be either, even tho i LOVE jimmy will all my heart... Even when he gets a little crazy. .. craig seems liek a good dad.

jimmy i love you..

and whatever this thing is inside of me, i dont want to have an abortion. Adam or Madison [ if its jimmys] will be adorable. Mixed babys are so cute.

and if its craigs, it will be adorable too..

craig im sorry, but i have to be with jimmy righ tnow.. for reasons that are only known to me.

im sorry.

god who the hell am i?! i hate this..

this is not paige talking, i repeat, this is not paige talking..

if you find me , please return me. I hate this.
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